About Me

A ONE STOP SHOP:¨That's not to say that Claire Del Curto takes a back seat to the large, corporate-owned companies. Quite the contrary, in fact, at Del Felice Realty, you receive a higher quality of personalized service. In addition to Real Estate services, Del Felice Realty offers full-service property management. All of this adds up to smoother transactions, faster sales thanks to a larger pool of qualified buyers, and ultimately, a greater return on your investment. Not to mention Claire Del Curto’s trademark service and in-depth local knowledge. It is this intensified level of service that has encouraged local residents to return to Del Felice Realty time and time again for all their real estate needs. Once you experience the care, devotion and passion of Claire Del Curto, Broker/Owner, real estate as you know it will never be the same.
A BETTER WAY OF DOING BUSINESS: If your in the market to buy, sell or rent in San Benito County, say hello to a better way of doing business. The Del Felice Realty way. Local, Independent, Friendly and most of all genuinely caring for your needs. Contact CLAIRE DEL CURTO today at (831)902-5099. You'll be glad you did!